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05 January 2012 @ 08:38 pm
Cambot pans across a stack of books, photos and paintings, strangely familiar music playing. Of course, the effect is ruined juuuuust a little bit by the fact that they're photographs of people on the SOL, or of Rin's friends at Yamaku Academy, but still.

It finally ends up focusing on Rin, sitting in a large, plush chair, smoking a pipe - huh, is there actually tobacco in there? - with a bottle of wine on her right. And to her left?

To her left is a canvas, covered in an obscuring layer of velvet.

"Hello everyone. I apologize for being away so long." A pause, as she adjusts a pair of very fake lensless glasses, pushing them up the bridge of her nose with her big toe, then back to neutral. "I was simply busy. With work. Art. Expression. And I had been inspired, lately. By a project. That you riffed. Here."

She smiles.

"Normally I do not like to name my pictures. They speak for themselves. When the speak. Some sign. Some say nothing." She puffs out a smoke ring, getting back on track after one of her frequent tangents. "This, however, I have named. It is called, 'Resident of Modelland.'"

She takes a cord and tugs, revealing...

Well, it's certainly got two different colors of eyes and every single hairstyle known to man at the same time.

The fact that it looks just like her normal style of painting is the really disturbing part.
04 January 2012 @ 10:49 pm
[As people recover from the hangovers, you may notice that the hallways are not JUST covered in Christmas decorations any more. No, in the midst of all the chaos someone went through the entire Cafeteria deck and pasted various pictures of Elysia all over everything. Some have been blown up to be more like posters than actual pictures, but it's mostly just Elysia EVERYWHERE. A trail of these pictures can even be found going down to the dormitory decks, but it's not as bad as the cafeteria which looks like it EXPLODED with Elysia pictures.

Cambot shows all of this and eventually find the culprit, sleeping with a large stuffed animal (a dog) and curled up in the pantry. He is still wearing the Santa hat but no other part of the costume.
04 January 2012 @ 01:49 pm
[Midna appears to be in the party room, armed with a broom. While the Christmas effects have gone away, it looks like some of the results of the punch haven't (how did you even get fruit up there, Midna wants to know), and Midna appears to have assigned herself cleanup duty. She turns to cambot.]

So, who out there was smart enough not to drink the punch?
04 January 2012 @ 09:04 am
[Tom comes onscreen, looking highly amused aaand maybe a bit sheepish.]

Hahaha...oh, hey, everyone! Pretty wild party last night, huh? You guys are hilarious!

Turns out, I realized this morning that I accidentally used some leftover Waters Of Forgetfulness I found to make the punch! So that, uh, probably has something to do with the heeh, memory loss. Oops! Tasty punch though, am I right?

Haha, well, live and learn!
[Rarity is stretched out, mane and tail very mussed, on a bed that is obviously not hers, in a room that is obviously not hers - in fact, judging from the pants in the closet that Cambot picks up in its slow pan of the room, it looks like it's Terra's room.

That's about the only thing that still looks masculine in this room, as the rest of it is filled to the brim with chaise lounges in every color and fabric imaginable. Who knows how they even got there. Tucked in the corner is one very large rock, dressed in one hastily-made very sparkly outfit, complete with a large nametag that reads "MARK." Evidently Rarity was busy last night.

Right now, however, she's a bit bleary.]

Oh...dear. What did happen last night?
04 January 2012 @ 01:42 am
[It's the day after the party on the Servo deck. There is a pile if broken Tom Servo heads strewn on the floor, and suddenly there is movement in the clutter. A gloved hand reaches out past the mess, and with a groan, Iron Liz pushes herself up, scattering a few heads as she does so, and rubs her eyes. As she drags herself out of the rubble it's apparent that she is dressed in a sailor fuku, and she clearly has no idea how she got down here as she looks around. She also notices a small dragon head in her lap, which she makes a face it and tosses aside; it's clearly the least of her problems right now.

There's a sound of snoring nearby, and there's Minako about a foot away in jeans and what is obviously Liz's tshirt, sprawled out unconscious among the broken parts. Just as baffled as ever, groggy and getting a headache, Liz scoots closer and pokes Minako in the side to try to wake her up.]
04 January 2012 @ 01:27 am
[Cambot pans down, a little static-y, to the edge of a bed. A shoe is sticking out underneath it. The bot slowly floats down to reveal the figure underneath it.]

[Riku is under 90's Kid's bed, asleep. His vest is thrown to one side, and somehow his black shirt is backwards and mostly unzipped. A bright purple bra is tied around his head like a pair of goggles, and he's face down in a teddy bear.]
03 January 2012 @ 11:52 pm
[Cambot comes into a room and a figure is lying sprawled on a bed. Closer inspection reveals messy brown hair in Terra's usual style. Terra groans and sits up]


[He blinks sleepily several times and sits up, rubbing at his face]

What happened to the lights? Is the party over?

[He goes to stand and the sheets shift slightly, in fact, it's just enough to reveal that Terra is not wearing any pants...again. Cambot makes an Alert Noise and Terra blinks up at Cambot]

Cambot what? [Terra looks down] Oh...uhm...hold on a sec I'll just...wait a minute this isn't my bed. [The sheets are blue, for one, and he usually keeps striped sheets. His eyes widen because he recognizes this room. Cambot pans around to show several books stacked near the bed and some very familiar dresses hanging in the closet. Dresses a certain blue-haired keyblade Master wore for special occasions]

Oh no. Uhm...Aqua I didn't...that is...I'mgoingtoborrowtheseokay? [He wraps the sheet around his waist and takes off out of the room that was clearly Aqua's and he is now very much in a panic...without pants. Cambot may or may not have gotten a brief shot of a butt cheek before Terra rounded a corner. It was honestly too quick to tell.]
03 January 2012 @ 11:36 pm
[Cambot is doing a panorama of the pool. It's the day after the big Christmas party and things apparently got a little crazy in here. Not only is Under The Sea playing on repeat from a nearby stereo, but there appear to be several bottles of Old Spice Body Soap scattered around and near the edge of the pool. In the pool itself are HUNDREDS of pool noodles and other flotation devices.

Cambot follows this trail and pauses when suddenly a figure bursts from under water. It's Kaldur! He is apparently shirtless and very dazed. He treads water in the pool for a few minutes before looking up at Cambot, he doesn't seem to realize that he has a pair of floaties on his arms with duckies on them.

Did I sleep in the pool last night? What...happened? [Notices the floaties on his arms now] Where did I get these? I am...very troubled. What exactly occurred last night? I recall having some punch with Sora and then the rest is...rather blurry actually.
03 January 2012 @ 01:46 pm
[Good morning, Satellite! The sun is shining in space, the solar winds have picked up a little, and half the ship is waking up to a positive pregnancy test on their side tables. Aah, yes a lo--

PREGNANCY TEST. EVEN THE GUYS HAVE A POSITIVE ONE. WHAT. THAT CAN'T BE RI--oh wait, the test lines are bright orange and green, clearly colored in with markers. And the other half of the ship has fake dollar bills covered in sparkles and a note saying "Sorry, I ran out of tests. You get this instead". Hmm.

And then there's Cambot, focusing on a female at a table in the Weapons Room, a bottle of Mountain Dew to her left and a very large pile of sand on her right. And wearing a welding helmet and twirling a welding torch. It looks like...Aqua with a set of devil horns and tail?

After a moment, Aqua (?) flips her helmet up and looks up at Cambot.]

Oh, hey everyone.

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a mouse? Preferably a dead one.

[...That doesn't sound like Aqua...]

Also...uh, Insano, you're a scientist, even though you're...basically insane, right? Can I ask you a question?

(OOC: Speaking of Aqua. She also has a set of wearable horns and a tail on top of whatever she ended up getting on her table. ;D))